Because mutual support is becoming increasingly important in a world where social differences are growing, LHEO allows you to support each other when you buy a coffee to another member.

Who uses LHEO?

Anyone with advice, an achievement, an idea, something that can be helpful to someone. IT CAN BE YOU or youtubers, musicians, podcasters, writers, programmers, nonprofit organizations, cosplayers, and the list is not exhaustive...

How do I get paid?

You are directly paid to your PayPal account through your PayPalMe link, which is displayed with your publication. LHEO does not handle the money, so you have full control over your payments. You can easily check who has made a payment by accessing your PayPal account, where all the necessary information is available.

Is there a fee to use LHEO?

The use of LHEO is completely free. You will find a link to buy a coffee and help cover the costs of maintenance, servers, etc.

Is it really possible to make money using LHEO?

Yes, you can definitely earn one or a few hundred dollars per month depending on the number of posts and the promotion you do... But for those "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", you may need to explore other business opportunities.

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